Dim All the Lights, Batch 1 Drafts Off to Editing

Batch 1 of Dim All the Lights content is off to editing!

Dim All the Lights, which starts crowdfunding this Fall, is a follow-up to Moonlight on Roseville Beach. It'll include the core rules, new character options, and new places and entities for PCs to investigate.

The first batch includes:

  • New origin stories, including The Veteran, an experienced supernatural investigator who's regularly showing off new skills; The Rose Island Regular, who's been working on the island for several years and knows a lot about the town and its locals; The Changeling, who was taken to live in different worlds and realities and returned to find someone else was living their life; and Mainland Renegade, inspired by Mary Ann Singleton, who came out to Roseville Beach for a weekend and decided to stay.
  • New jobs with the Fire Brigade, the Park Service, Rosie's Bar, and The Paperback Exchange, and self-employment opportunities.
  • Investigation guides (with player handouts) for five mysterious entities, including the logs of a missing park ranger, the lab notes of marine biologist, the private diaries of a woman who went missing, and police records from several suspiciously similar disappearances (by Noora Rose of Monkey's Paw).
  • New "Stories from Roseville Beach" by Bendi Barrett.

We're still working on other new material, including:

  • Deep dives into weird locations like Odd Island, where Otters of Unusual Size seem to be keeping all humans away, and the village of Charmington, near Rose Island's eastern edge, an exclusive community of shipping magnates hosted by the leaders of an odd local church, with an unusually high number of missing teenagers.
  • Ready to run mysteries from Sharang Biswas and myself, including my convention scenario, The Bracknell Horror.
  • New strange events tying your characters to the events of Dim All the Lights.
  • Ezakur's rules for taking your housemates on a ghost-hunting road trip.
  • A one-shot prequel about the regulars of a Gulf Coast gay bar escaping a town overrun by vampires on Halloween Night.
  • More Stories from Roseville Beach from my alter-ego, R.J. Ryan.

When crowdfunding gets to Kickstarter (either in October or January), there'll be even more to come when we hit our stretch goals.


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