Sherwood is a game of outlaws and arcana, inspired by modern Robin Hood fantasy stories, the Robin of Sherwood television series, and the medieval outlaw ballads and romances. Sherwood is set in a fantastical version of 13th Century England.

  • Designed for a Game Master and 1-6 players
  • Quick core rules powered by a 2d6 system
  • Magical talents and rituals
  • Character creation inspired by games such as Traveller
  • Make the outlaw you want to make: as an outlaw, you aren't constrained by society's biases about race, ethnicity, sex, sexuality, or gender
  • Opponent stats inspired by foes from the Robin Hood stories and other outlaw traditions
  • Two ready-to-run adventures for your band of outlaws

Pick up digital copies on Itch or DriveThruRPG. Physical copies are available at Spear Witch and Twenty Sided Store. There's also a free quickstart available on Itch and DriveThruRPG. R. Rook published both the full game and the quickstart under a CC-BY license.


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