Moonlight on Roseville Beach on Symphony

Last Monday, I got to hang out with the crew at Symphony Entertainment and play Moonlight on Roseville Beach. I had a great time thanks to Bridgett, Rina, Perry, and Chad. Check out our run-through of "The Haunting of Flora Bly" (a short mystery in both the adventure in both the full book and the free quickstart). Bridgett's a streaming pro and I had a blast!

Dim All the Lights, the first mystery book for Moonlight on Roseville Beach, will include new scenarios from Richard Ruane and Sharang Biswas, new stand-alone mini-games from Ezakur and Richard, creatures and mystery starters from Noora Rose and Richard Ruane, and new fiction from Bendi Barrett and R.J. Ryan. Sign up to follow along!


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