Notion Database of Open Game Systems

I've made some updates to the Notion database of open-license game texts. Since Hasbro/WotC has taken OGL reauthorization out of its immediate crosshairs (without making the OGL 1.0a irrevocable), I've added the legacy OGL 1.0a entries back. I've also differentiated between CC-BY and CC-BY-SA, and broken out "other" into Publisher-Controlled licenses (such as those for Mork Borg, Cypher, and BRP) from small and midsize publishers, and indie games that have some sort of brief, informal, or alternative license or "unlicense." Note that much like the OGL, publisher-controlled licenses may or may not be revocable.

I've not added any licenses or texts that aren't released yet, so no references to ORC, the CC-BY version of Basic Fantasy, or Matt Finch's S&W license. Yet. I also won't add licenses that are specific to individual sites, such as DTRPG's Community Content programs.

I've talked about my feelings about WotC's attempt to deauthorize the OGL 1.0a, but I don't want to leave the OGL out if it's not in immediate danger. However, I'll only add new or currently unlisted OGL texts (or compatibility licenses that depend on them) at my own discretion.


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