#City23 Week 2: More on Nottingham and Cape Crescent

This will get cross-posted to Cohost.

I'll be honest, this week has been kinda hellish. I'm behind on writing. I'd like to sit down and get caught up (and honestly, start revising things, too), but it'll be a while before I get enough inner/outer quiet I need to do that.

But writing in markdown can be a stress reliever and helpful distraction, too, so I've gotten some stuff done.

You can catch up on my last post about Nottingham and Cape Crescent: The Week 1 #City23 Update and #City23 Day 1 (in which Cape Crescent was called "Lunaris").


There's no clear date for the Nottingham location. I've been making it just the Nottingham of the high and late Middle Ages without many more identifiers, and I'm planning to stick to that.

I've added three NPCs to Nottingham in the past week, all working in or around The Three Foxes (introduced in a prior post), near Chapel Bar/the Bar Gate toward Derby and Derbyshire (and the Peaks).

  • Azelma the Alewife is a brewer, herbalist, and apothecary. She knows some simple healing potions and healing charms. Her beers are the pride of The Three Foxes since before Claire Jarry and her sons took it over.
  • Old Ruhl the Baker who's paying the sheriff in cash and favors for the safety of his missing daughter (who's actually the sheriff's hostage).
  • Brother Earnmund and Sister Mindred claim to be brother and sister begging hermits who offer prayers, visions, and "Words of Divine Knowledge" in return for coin. They're actually a married couple who use their arcane talents to answer people's questions, then sell the information they've gained for the Prior of St. Martin's, who lets them live in the monastery's unused almshouse.

Cape Crescent

I'm still not sure when in the life of Cape Crescent this might take place, but I'm filling a few NPCs all the same. There's just two this week, but both are attached to the Bishop's Diner.

  • Chet Bickley is the diner's evening dishwasher and a taciturn man. No one knows about the music box he found one morning half buried on the beach or how he falls asleep in teh wee hours of the morning hearing its music. No one, including Chet, knows that the figurine that dances at the box's center contains a trapped demon.
  • Shanna Cliff is Olivia's 20-year old assistant manager. On weeknights, she is a volunteer test subject for a secret new "dream therapy" that the Ghost Bay Foundation has started. No one else has noticed, but she's been growing slightly: half an inch on her height, half a shoe size, broader around the shoulders and hips. She feels more energized though, and given that she's paying down debt, she doesn't want to give up the extra money.


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