A Moonlight on Roseville Beach Art Show

It's Moonlight on Roseville Beach digital release day! You can get the PDF and ePub over on Itch and DriveThruRPG, so I wanted to do a short tour of some of the pulp pieces art director Dai Shugars found and chose for the book.

The Roseville Beach cover with the character creation section spread and the "how to run Roseville Beach" spread.

On page 8 of the book, Dai does a half-page dedication to the often unknown pulp artists whose public domain work we repurposed, listing every known creator we could find, including four pieces from Robert McGinnis, which include the piece Dai adapted the character creation section.

Spreads from character creation, map of Roseville Beach, Guide for Sleuths, and the cover of the Maxwell Lander's mystery "The House in the Woods."

The above spread includes pages from the final section of character creation (the strange events you and your housemates had that got you involved in supernatural mysteries), the map of Roseville Beach (adapted from open maps of Cherry Grove, NY), Maxwell Lander's ready-to-run mystery "The House in the Woods," and the title page for section 1.

The full book adds two new character options to the ones from the Quickstart (free on Itch and DriveThru): the Familiar (an intelligent animal who works with the housemates) and the inter-dimensional Stranger. If you pick up the digital edition from Itch, you can get the playtest doc for an upcoming character option, The Veteran.

The full game adds Guest Stars, ready-to-run characters for drop-in and occasional players in your home game. Guest Stars work with the housemates but have their own abilities and resources separate from them. I wrote one as a sample, but Alison Cyve, Ezakur, and Sharang Biswas added 20+ more mundane and supernatural visitors who've come out to spend some time on the island. Inspired by the background section of Troika!, Dai did incredible work selecting pieces that brought this section to life.

Moonlight on Roseville Beach also comes with several ready-to-run mysteries and mystery starters from Maxwell Lander, Cat Ramen, Anne Toole, and Sean F. Smith (not counting the mystery starters by Noora Rose). Dai designed each to look like a small pulp novel itself. You saw Maxwell's "The House in the Woods" above, but also look at the work Dai did on Cat Ramen's "Girls Before Swine."

If you'd like a print copy, you can still preorder one! I'm sending the print files to Mixam next week and they should be in Spear Witch and other fine stores soon after.


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