2023 Planning, or "How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love My Own Weird Fucking Process"

So apparently I ramble on Cohost and summarize here, but I think maybe I've got a 2023 plan that supports the current projects I'm most excited about, gets one new title out into the world, and is loose enough for me to adjust and adapt as the year goes on.

Most importantly, it doesn't rely (at doesn't over-rely) on the crowdfunding hype cycle that running a Kickstarter pushes me into.

So here's the rough plan right now:

  • SRD/Hacker guides/game creator kits for Roseville Beach, Sherwood, and My Chivalric Bromance.
  • Two zine-lengths anthologies/collections of short pieces: an unnamed medieval adventures anthology (for both Sherwood and My Chivalric Bromance) and The Lonely Cool Before Dawn for Roseville Beach.
  • Saturday Morning Mysteries with a not-yet-announced publishing partner that I'm really excited to work with.
  • Two playkits presenting a standalone Barrow Keep game with character creation info, 2-page rules of play, scenarios/episode guides, and some treasures and opponents. Not sure of the format for these, but they'll work with the original Barrow Keep zine.

There's a couple of more things percolating, but those will probably stay digital only in 2023.


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